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Dante′s Refugees

A photographic journey through the refugees and migrant’s real tragedy, recreating an iconic image of The Divine Comedy. Find out stories of a dantesque reality that no one deserves to face.

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photo of refugees
Original illustration from Gustav Dore, part of Dante Allighieri’s Divine Comedy
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14th century

Original illustration by Gustavo Doré, for the Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri, written in the 14th century.

21st century

New illustration, recreated with real pictures of migrants and refugees.

Refugees in the world 14.2 Million



MAR 03

Central african refugees arriving in chad

Ton Koene

Chad received thousands of Central Africans fleeing from fires and violent attacks in their home country.

Refugees in the world 15.2 Million



OCT 10

Internally displaced people’s needs in mogadishu

Yann Libessart

Epidemics, draughts, malnutrition and conflicts have made Somalia a very difficult place to live in.

Refugees in the world 15.4 Million



AUG 19

Sudanese refugees in the bambasi camp

Yann Libessart

Children – the most vulnerable group – received malnutrition treatment and measles vaccine.

Refugees in the world 16.7 Million


South Sudan

APR 30

Yida refugee camp

Yann Libessart
JUL 01

Pneumonia vaccination in Yida

Yann Libessart

MSF provided healthcare to tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Yida, adults and children alike.


JUL 08

Cabul mountains

Ben King/MSF

Instability and lack of safety in Afghanistan displace people to the country’s capital, Kabul.

Refugees in the world 19.5 Million


Central African Republic

FEB 07

Extreme violence in car

Christian Nestler

A brutal crisis in the Central African Republic displaced hundreds of thousands of people.


FEB 20

South-sudanese refugees in northern uganda

Stephan Van Diest

Violence and food shortages led South-Sudanese refugees to flee to Uganda.

Democratic Republic of Congo

JUL 21

Displaced by the conflict in drc

Phil Moore

In regions affected by conflict, vulnerable people were deprived of access to healthcare.

South Sudan

NOV 21

Fighting malaria in south sudan

Ashley Hamer

Northern Bahr al-Ghazal had one of the highest mother and child death rates in South Sudan.

Refugees in the world 21.3 Million



APR 23

Migrants reception centre in pozzallo

Alessandro Penso/MAPS

Young Mohamad’s promising soccer career was interrupted by war in Syria.


MAY 03

First msf search and rescue operation

Ikram N′gadi

Until 2015, that had been the deadliest year in record in regard to Mediterranean crossings.


JUN 01

Rescue in the mediterranean

Francesca Mapelli/MSF

The Bourbon Argos ship was the first safe refuge these rescued migrants encountered in months.


JUN 10

Migrants in the greek island of kos

Alessandro Penso/MAPS

Migrants reach Greece through Turkey, in the pursuit of survival or better living conditions.


AUG 22

The pursuit of a safe home

Francesco Zizola/NOOR

People rescued on the Mediterranean Sea in transit to Italy aboard the Bourbon Argos.


AUG 29

A difficult escape route through the sea

Anna Surinyach/MSF

The Dignity I boat backed up search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

Central African Republic

SET 03

Displaced by violence

Dorothée Thiénot

The Central African Republic has seen years of conflicts, displacements and shortages of health resources.


NOV 13

Survivors in the mediterranean

Alessandro Penso/MAPS

In their escape by sea, some are lucky enough to be rescued. Others don’t reach a safe destination.


DEC 04


Elisabeth Griot/MSF

Refugees settled in the Grande-Synthe camp were living in inhumane conditions.

Central African Republic

DEC 17

A life of struggling and surviving

Luca Sola

In Bangui, Amina and thousands of other internally displaced people take shelter in improvised camps.

Refugees in the world 22.5 Million



MAY 04

Life in an iraqi camp

Ton Koene

Thousands of IDPs lost loved ones and belongings in the Iraq battles.


MAY 17

A dangerous seaway

Anna Surinyach/MSF

Scars denounce the dangers of the seaway journey or the tortures suffered in Libya.

Democratic Republic of Congo

MAY 26

The pursuit of proper care

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

About 3,500 refugees from the Central African Republic lived near this border.

South Sudan

JUN 14

Difficult conditions in the protection of civilians site in malakal

Albert Gonzalez Farran

Tens of thousands of IDPs try to live safely in Malakal.


JUN 29

Life with no freedom

Pierre-Yves Bernard/MSF

Uncertain of the future, refugees are often affected by anxiety and depression.


DEC 28

Winter weather and rough sea

Kevin McElvaney

Even in the winter and through the rough sea, migrants do not give up on the dangerous crossing to Europe.

Refugees in the world 25.4 Million



MAR 02

Displaced people and refugees in the diffa region

Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF

Thousands of IDPs and refugees live in Diffa, fleeing conflict in the Chad Lake region.


SEP 12

Living on the mountains

Sa′adia Khan/MSF

Access to healthcare is a challenge in Pakistan, especially for those living in isolated, conflict-ridden areas.


SEP 18

Thousands of rohingya flee to bangladesh

Antonio Faccilongo

By the end of 2017, violence from the Myanmar government had led over 700,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh.

Refugees in the world 25.9 Million



MAR 09

Violence forces thousands of congolese people out of their country

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

Refugees from the DRC who escaped violence in Ituri reach Uganda.


MAY 15

Preparing for the monsoons in kutupalong camp

Patrick Rohr

The coming rain might destroy shelter and cause diseases in Rohingya refugee camps.


AUG 08

A life of trauma and resilience

Robin Hammond/NOOR

Violence and difficult life conditions in camps have terrible consequences on the mental health of Rohingya refugees.


DEC 07

Violence and abuse on the way to the us

Christina Simons/MSF

Migrants held up by American policies at the Mexican border are in risk of being kidnapped, extorsions, raped, tortured and executed.


DEC 08

War displaces thousands

Agnes Varraine-Leca/MSF

Since 2015, the war in Yemen has led to mass displacement and the collapse of the healthcare system.

Refugees in the world 25.9 Million*

*The latest available data published by UNHCR about the number of refugees in the world is from 2018.


JAN 15

Fleeing violence in rann

Silas Adamou/MSF

Thousands of refugees in bodo

Silas Adamou

An attack in Rann, Nigeria, led thousands of people to run to Bodo, in Cameroon.

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